Warranty Information

Warranty Terms

SpeeCo Inc. warrants that the equipment manufactured by SpeeCo and delivered hereunder will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period as outlined below. 

  1. Three-point linkage:  1 year
  2. Hand-held diggers:  1 year
  3. Three-point diggers:  3 years
  4. Quick Hitch:  3 years
  5. Hydraulic Log Splitters
    1. Hydraulics:  1 year
    2. Engine:  2 year (warranted by engine manufacturer)
    3. 15-Ton Splitter Engine 1 year
    4. Steel Components:  3 years
  6. Kinetic Log Splitters:  1 year residential use; 6 months commercial use

Warranty Policy

Any SpeeCo product or part believed to be defective may be returned prepaid after approval is given by our Customer Service Department.  If the product is determined to be defective in material or manufacture following our inspection and met other specific warrant requirements, repair or replacement will be made at no charge and returned prepaid.

400197N0-3 Point Log Splitter

Product ID/Code: S400197N0

3-Point Log Splitter Limited Warranty:

1. Hydraulics:   1 year

2. Steel Components:   3 years