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580899 Commercial Kinetic Log Splitter

580899 Commercial Kinetic Log Splitter


Combining state-of-the-art splitting technology with innovative design features, our commercial kinetic log splitter is Ideal for commercial firewood producers, tree service companies, camp grounds, landscapers, or anyone who wants to split more wood faster.

Kinetic technology isn’t new, but it’s the wave of the future for fast, efficient log splitting. Twin 70 lb. flywheels spin at 325 rpms to create and store kinetic energy. It’s released in a burst through the rack and pinion gear system, driving the ram forward to split wood in 2 or 3 seconds instead of 13 or more seconds like hydraulic splitters. This tremendous increase in splitting speed significantly increases productivity - even on tough, gnarled wood. Our innovative features were developed and tested with commercial firewood producers.


  • 2-second cycle time is up to 6X faster than hydraulic 20 to 40 ton log splitters
  • Two-handed operation from either side
  • Patent-pending handle design, with torsion springs - virtually no kick-back
  • Ergonomic handle movement that reduces operator fatigue - no unnecessary motion
  • Twin 70-lb flywheels
  • Kohler® SH265 engine, 196cc
  • High-strength steel, 32-inch wide table
  • Welded, table mounted lift handles
  • Retractable tongue
  • Single piece, 6-inch hardened wedge
  • Precision, heat treated steel alloy rack and pinion gear system made in the USA
  • 2-inch ball coupler and safety chains for towing

Product Specs

  • Product Weight:                      643 lbs.
  • Cycle Time:                             2 seconds
  • Number of Flywheels:            2
  • Flywheel Weight:                   70 lbs.
  • Flywheel Diameter:               18-1/2 inches
  • RPMs:                                      325
  • Wedge Height:                        6 inches
  • Engine:                                    Kohler® SH265 (6.5 HP) engine, 196 cc
  • Wheels:                                   4-inch by 8-inch road towable tires, rated 45 mph
  • Ball Coupler:                           2 inches, with safety chains
  • Table Included:                       Yes